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Help from our Home Administration Manager is available during normal working hours. Our Manager can assist with any queries regarding finance, benefits, legal matters or general administration issues. When telephoning, please select option1 for assistance.

Dialling ‘0’ from any room in the Home will connect to reception where the Home Administrator can put you in touch with either the Matron or Sister in Charge on request. All departments can be reached using the appropriate extension number.

In-coming calls go through our telephone auto-attendant and can be directed to the appropriate resident’s room, so relatives can always speak to their loved ones and friends without troubling the staff – unless you wish to check on a patients health in which case just follow the instructions. You may select to talk to Administration or Matron or the Registered Nurses. Regular callers can dial patient rooms direct. Charges will be made for outgoing calls.

Mail can of course be handed in to reception for posting.

We can provide paper and envelopes for letter writing. Newspapers, magazines etc. may be ordered and will be added to your monthly bill.

Medical Services


If a doctor prescribes physiotherapy through the NHS, either a domiciliary visit will be arranged or an outpatient appointment made where appropriate.  Private physiotherapy can be arranged through the Home.  A separate charge will be made for this service. Our staff assist residents to follow any exercise programme put in place by the Physiotherapist.


If a resident is entitled to chiropody treatment through the NHS this is organised through their GP.  Private chiropody is available through the Home at an extra charge.  The visiting chiropodist calls every six weeks.


Residents wishing to see a dentist or optician will be required to pay the appropriate charges. We have specialists who can treat patients at the home but every help will be given with transportation etc. if this is required.

Personal Services


A visiting hairdresser will perm, cut and set etc, which is charged for separately.  If necessary the nursing staff can wash the residents’ hair as appropriate.


Any magazines, newspapers etc can be ordered for delivery to the Home, an extra charge will be made for this.


A choice of normal and large print books is available by request; there is also a music/audio book selection available too. Contact reception for further information. Audio and specialist books are available through the RNIB and this can be arranged with our coordinators.


Visitors are welcome to bring pets to visit. The management will consider the accommodation of other pets on an individual basis.


Residents’ birthdays are always remembered with cards and a birthday cake for tea, to which family and friends are welcome.  The staff are always pleased to help in any way if a residents wish to go out, or to have a celebration in the Home.


A selection of toiletries, tissues, fruit drinks etc. is kept on the premises for residents to purchase if they wish usually from the mobile library trolley. The Matron can buy requisites from the chemist, who delivers twice daily, on behalf of some residents. Any other shopping required e.g. stationery, stamps etc. please enquire at reception – we are here to help

Visiting is allowed at any reasonable time but we operate a protected lunch time as some residents require help with eating. However visitors may arrange to come for lunch by making arrangements through Matron.

Smoking is not allowed by law in Bryher Court.
We do not like or encourage the activity but residents will be assisted to smoke outdoors as they have the right to exercise their free will.


We have activity coordinators at Bryher Court five days a week to help keep residents busy and interested during their day. There are numerous varied activities such as, music and exercise, quizzes, crafting, cooking, art and drawing, board games, garden games when the weather is appropriate and so on.  We will always try to assist with individual interests such as gardening.

If residents are unable to come down and join in, then the activity can come to you in your room!  Some residents prefer to stay in their room where they will see visitors or perhaps have a chat with    Visits are undertaken throughout the home, so that everyone has a chance to feel part of Bryher Court. Residents are free to come and go to visit or go to the shops from the home and our carers often volunteer to accompany them on trips out.

Shopping trips and outings are arranged according to the wishes of our residents. We have a good level of Family and friends involvement in our activities, such as barbeques, bonfire night and other themed get-togethers.  Friends are always welcome and they can come for lunch!

The summer fete or garden party is a big hit where everyone gets involved either by making things, having a small stall, assisting on the day in all sorts of ways or just by attending and having tea and cakes!  Staff and friends bring their children and they play on a bouncy castle

Our year is rounded off at Christmas time with traditional Christmas decorations and carol concerts from church choirs or the children’s school. Normally some kind of professional seasonal entertainment will be booked as well.   Residents Families and friends enjoy a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie as we celebrate this festive season.

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